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Events in life are the anchor points which can turn us around, we can either choose to be a victim of the event or turn ourselves to a learner, you just need to change your perspective.

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He believes that every person is Unique and Different hence you are special for him.

Upon completion of 20 years of professional services in the filed of education and engineering in India and abroad Jiji Mylakattu switched his services over to the filed of mental health. Since 2009 he has completely dedicated his services in mental health training and social work especially NLP training, life coaching and motivational classes. Later he organised his knowledge in various fields of mental health and started courses on psychology, psychotherapy and counselling. He provides counselling and psychotherapy sessions for clients upon request as and when required. His educational qualifications include MSc Psychology, Master of Social Work (MSW), PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, PG Diploma in Parental Education, BA Sociology, Diploma in Engineering etc.

You can change your life!

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got - Albert Einstien
For a better result change or modify what you are doing - jm

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His core field of services is the promotion of mental health based on psychology and neuro linguistic programming ( NLP). Services include the following: NLP training courses, Psychotherapy training, Psychology classes, Motivational speech and MH awareness programs Counselling and psychotherapy

Qualification & Area of Specialization

and Area of Specialization

If a person needs to work confidently, genuinely and sincerely in any field of services he or she shall meet the required academic eligibility criteria and possess the technical skills and aptitudes.



MSc Applied Psychology
Master of Social Work (MSW)
PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
PG Diploma in Parental Education
BA Sociology
Diploma in Engineering


Add-ons: Special Training

Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certificate in Counselling
Certified Trainer
Trained QMS Auditor


Area of specialization

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Child Psychology
Educational Psychology



All proposed programs are social service oriented and hence provided at affordable rates on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

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